Cristina St. Germain

Cristina St. Germain grew up in the Monterey County area and marched the plaid colors of Notre Dame in Salinas before getting out of the proverbial Dodge, all the way to UCI. But, quickly found it was not distance but something else she was looking for and turned back upwards towards UCSC for the next 3 years, working on her dual BA degree in Pre & Early Modern Literature and Art (photography). When she wins the world lotto (believe me, it’s coming) she wants to return to school and get a PhD in something… she hasn’t gotten so far as to the ‘what’ yet.

Having worked previously in the industry, she remembers her time as a budtender and how this unassuming weed could give comfort like the kind-not-creepy smile from a random-someone. So, in the end of 2016, she started working for CRC (Cannabis Research Consultants) and jumped back into the green fields of the marijuana market.

But mostly, the now-purple-haired studious Asian dabbles in reading, writing, a little ‘rithmetic [if absolutely needed], designing websites, and trying to lasso the Internet unto her will. Rare to be seen without a jacket, the bipedal female is a walking talking word processor and a quiet documentarian photographer on the weekends. Also, she crochets.

cristina st. germain

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