Executive Director

Ryan Munevar

Ryan Munevar is a registered Cannabis Lobbyist with the State of California, the Executive Director for Monterey County NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws), the Communication Director for the CGA (Coastal Growers Association), the Secretary for CENTA (Cannabis Extractors National Trade Association) and the Communication Director for the CAA (Cannabis Advocates Alliance) in Santa Cruz.

Ryan got his start in the Cannabis Industry back in Detroit Michigan while filming a documentary on legalization in 2010. It wasn’t long before he became a volunteer working for Repeal Today, a statewide Initiative to Legalize Cannabis in Michigan.

In 2013 he returned to California and co-founded Monterey County NORML with his friend Joey Espinoza.

Later in 2015 he founded the CRC (Cannabis Research Consultants) and now sets up and maintains various cannabis organizations around the state of California.

ryan munevar

Contact Information

(949) 702 – 1637