Communications Director

Frances Esters

My name is Frances Esters the Communications Director for Monterey County NORML. I am a long time resident of Salinas. I started in the Cannabis Industry in 2009 as one of the founding managers with Harborside Health Center in San Jose. I started out as the HR manager and worked my way up to become General Manager. I was one of the very few women at that time running a dispensary and the only woman running a dispensary at that size.

Starting off in such a diverse industry on a large scale during a time of raids and uncertainty allowed me to be involved in the Cannabis Industry and Community on many levels. I was able to see how Cannabis had a part of many peoples lives from patient to politician.

Since leaving HHCSJ in 2011 I have remained active in the industry doing consulting work, while watching the politics turn from an advocacy movement to laying the foundation that will turn into the legalization that we all have been waiting for. I look forward to sharing the journey of Cannabis and the role it will play in the Salinas Valley and throughout Monterey County as your Communications Director.

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