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Marijuana enhances our mind in a way that enables us to take a different perspective from ‘high up’, to see and evaluate our own lives and the lives of others in a privileged way. Maybe this euphoric and elevating feeling of the ability to step outside the box and to look at life’s patterns from this high perspective is the inspiration behind the slang term “high” itself.
Sebastian Marincolo

California Law

AB 567 – 2016

establishes tax amnesty program
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AB 821 – 2016

allows qualified dispensaries under measure D get a state license…
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AB 2385 – 2016

waives cash penalty fee at BOE
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AB 2516 – 2016

cottage license
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AB 2679 – 2016

clarifies that extraction is lawful if done under set guidelines and local approval
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SB 420 – 2003

clarified the scope and application of Prop 215 and established the California medical marijuana program
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Prop 64 – 2016

legalizes recreational marijuana in California
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Prop 215 – 1996

This was a path-changing case, also known as the Compassionate Use Act, that legalized the use of medicinal marijuana. It exempts patients and defined caregivers who possess or cultivate marijuana for medical treatment recommended by a physician from criminal laws which otherwise prohibit possession or cultivation of marijuana.
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Prop 218 – 1996

Taxpayers have the right to vote on all local taxes
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San Mateo County Law

If the words “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” don’t include the right to experiment with your own consciousness, then the Declaration of Independence isn’t worth the hemp it was written on.Terence McKenna

Important Law Cases

People V Spark

This appellate decision ruled that there was no need to show defendant was “seriously ill.” The jury cannot second guess a valid prescription for medical marijuana
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People V Chakos

This case ruled that there are limitations on testimony from law enforcement if they are not qualified as medical marijuana expert.
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Maral V City of Live Oak

This case is an appellate decision permitting cities and counties to prevent patients from growing their own medicine, despite the fact that it is allowed under state law. The decision means that a ban on all cultivation adopted by the City of Live Oak in 2011 will be precedent for other cities and counties to follow.
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City of Riverside V Inland Empire Patients Health and Wellness Center

This California Supreme Court case was ruled that local governments may ban the distribution of medical marijuana (aka distribution/dispensaries) and are not preempted by state law by doing so.
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